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We are passionate about shaping the future by cultivating the potential of talent through our comprehensive apprenticeship programmes. As an employer, you hold the key to moulding the next generation of skilled professionals while enjoying the multitude of benefits that apprenticeship schemes offer. Discover what makes us your ideal partner in harnessing the full potential of apprenticeships and constructing a dynamic workforce. You may choose to expand your workforce with apprentices, or you may also want to upskill your existing workforce with our apprenticeships. Additionally, we offer a free recruitment service to assist you in finding the right candidates for your apprenticeship positions, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process

Levy Payer

This is only payable if you have a total wage bill of over £3 million per year. This would mean that:

  • Apprenticeship Levy will be set at 0.5% of your total payroll
  • You will NOT pay the first £15,000 of the levy.
  • It will be collected on monthly basis via HRMC payroll data.

Non-levy Payer

If your total wage bill is below the £3 million mark, then you would be a non-levy employer, in which case:

  • 100% of the funding for the training is funded by the government for learners who are 16-18 at the start of the apprenticeship if the employer has less than 50 PAYE employees. The employer will also receive an additional £1000 payment if an apprentice is aged 16-18 at the point of starting their apprenticeship
  • If the apprentice is aged 19 or over at the start of the apprenticeship or works for an employer with more than 50 PAYE employees, 95% of the funded is paid by the UK government. For example: Telecoms Field Operative has a training value of £7,000 so that’s £6,650 to £7,000 of free training for your business.

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