Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of keeping data safe and secure, that includes any details that you provide us with through our website. We do not, nor will we ever sell, rent or loan any data to 3rd parties without prior consent from yourself.

Cookie Policy

We use a feature of your internet browser called a ‘cookie’ on our website to enable us to track the number of visits to our website. We do not use ‘cookies’ to retrieve personal information about you from your computer. Personal information is not retrieved by the 'cookie' and will only be collected if you have knowingly and willingly provided such information to us (through the contact us or newsletter subscription features of the website).

Cookies We Use

Google Analytics. This 'cookie' enables us to collect anonymous information about how visitors use our website, including popular pages, landing pages and other trends. This data does not provide any links to data that could be used to identify visitors individually. Google Analytics Privacy Policy

Cookies may also be used to allow the website to function as it was desgined to do. No data is collected from any such cookie if used.

How do I disable cookies?

We have provided links below that explain how control cookies via your browser. Remember that if you turn off cookies in your browser then these settings apply to all websites not just this one. Please use the 'Help' feature of your browser if it isn't listed below.

For any other browsers, please check the help documentation for instructions