PQMS Health and Safety Course

Utility SHEA (Telecommunications) (EUSR)

Course Name

Utility SHEA (Telecommunications) (EUSR)


1 day Utility SHEA Telecommunications EUSR training

Training Locations

Bedworth, Bury - Please see Scheduled Dates below for more information

Course Aims

Course Content

Responsibilities (State the duties of their employer under the Health & Safety at Work etc. act (1974), Risk Assessment (Define hazards and risks (potential to cause harm), Workplace Procedures (State hazards associated with access and egress, to place of work e.g. falls from height, slips, trips etc.), Physical Hazards - (State the responsibilities of employers, and employees under the Provision & Use of Work, Equipment Regulations (PUWER), Working in the Highway (Understand basic principles of working within the highway, e.g. signing, lighting & guarding.), Physical Hazards (Describe hazards associated with excavations.), Excavations (To understand safe systems of work) Hazards to Health, The Environment (Describe key environmental considerations.)


EUSR (Telecommunications) Card valid for 3 years (affiliated with CSCS)


1 Day





Card Cost


Scheduled Dates

Location Next Running
Bury 06/09/2018
Bedworth 10/09/2018
Birmingham 13/09/2018
Birmingham 15/09/2018
Bury 04/10/2018
Bedworth 08/10/2018
Bury 01/11/2018
Bedworth 05/11/2018
Birmingham 10/11/2018
Bury 29/11/2018
Bedworth 03/12/2018