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S013 - Network Regulations Accreditation for Surveyors

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S013 - Network Regulations Accreditation for Surveyors


This assessment will test the delegate?s knowledge of undertaking a survey and the factors that must be considered

Environmental obligations

Obligation under the Telecommunications Code

Obligation under the Regulations

Obligation under the Town & Country Planning acts

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Course Content

The module target audience are surveyors & planners working on the Openreach network including External Partners (Contractors).

The module focuses on the regulatory requirements we have as a statutory undertaker.

This module is an essential requirement for all Engineers/Contractors carrying out survey work regardless of the product.

It will check the delegates understanding & ability to complete surveys using current working practices, quality standards and the processes & policies set around UK legislation and our overriding obligation to adhere to it.

The consequences of not following these processes & policies could result in;

Apparatus being installed that does not have the correct permissions for it to be there so we could be asked to move it at our cost

Brand damage

Legal action against Openreach

The loss of our operating license


Delegates successfully completing the course will be awarded an Openreach approved PQMS Certificate detailing S013 - Network Regulations Accreditation for Surveyors? This accreditation lasts for 3 years.


Approximately 1 Hour




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