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OLEC 1 Access OLE Construction Sites

Course Name

OLEC 1 Access OLE Construction Sites


This course is a half day course which is classroom based. The aim of this course is to provide the basic knowledge required under OLEC 1 to access OLE construction sites safely and effectively for those who are directly or indirectly involved with OLE construction activities.

Training Locations

Bedworth, Bury - Please see Scheduled Dates below for more information

Course Aims

Upon successful completion of the course candidates will be able to:

Understand the rules and regulations that are in force for required personnel to access overhead line construction sites safely and effectively.

Course Content

• Welcome & Introduction
• A basic introduction to OLE construction sites
• The technical terminology used when working on an OLE construction site
• The types of documentation associated with OLE construction sites and the recording and reporting procedures that need to be followed
• The general safety requirements for accessing OLE construction sites


PQMS Limited will upload the relevant competence outcome(s) and result(s) to the Sentinel system.


1/2 Day


• Must be literate in English
• Candidates must be of or over the age of 18 and sponsored by an approved railway company before undertaking the OLEC 1 course. This is a company who have been audited and certificated to supply workers to the Railway industry. The Sentinel co-ordinator of this sponsoring company will need to sign our course booking form to confirm their intent to sponsor you and supply their linkup site ID number.



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Scheduled Dates

Location Next Running
Portsmouth 29/08/2018
Bedworth 30/08/2018
Bury 26/09/2018
Portsmouth 03/10/2018
Bedworth 26/10/2018
Bedworth 21/11/2018
Bedworth 12/12/2018