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O7 - Pole Erection

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O7 - Pole Erection


This module consists of two parts, a questionnaire and a practical assessment.

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This assessment will test the delegate's poling quality observational skills, as well as their knowledge of poling provision practices. The assessor will select a number of poles from the defect list with the right and wrong provision practices, and the delegate will then examine the poles to correctly identify the defects. This section takes the form of simulated exercises on a pre-prepared controlled site. Please note it may be necessary for the delegate to climb the pole to identify certain defects, however this should comply with all the relevant safety practices. The assessor will issue a result sheet to the delegate and explain what is expected. Then using this information the delegate will be required to check each model as per the provision and quality standards, and enter the relevant defects


O7 - Pole Erection


2 and Half Days


A13, A14


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