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K5 - Cabling in Duct (Heavy)

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K5 - Cabling in Duct (Heavy)


This module consists of 2 parts, a questionnaire and a practical assessment.

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The assessment involves the safety checking of vehicles, winches, mechanical roding devices, i.e. rodding and heavy cabling (?E? side cables greater than 200 pairs), and associated cabling equipment. As well as techniques in ropes, attachments, guides, rodding, winches and duct motoring. The delegate will, using their tools, equipment and consumables take a lead role and set up a cabling site. The site will consist of at least 50 metres of duct with at least one intermediate jointing chamber and they will then proceed to pull in a large diameter cable (>50/0.5PET, 200/0.4PEUT or SDMB5/7BFT).


K5 - Cabling in Duct (Heavy)


3 Days


SA002, K8


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