PQMS Vendor Specific Telecoms Course

G7 - Broadband Boost & SFI2

Course Name

G7 - Broadband Boost & SFI2


This module contains questionnaire and practical work

Training Locations

Bedworth, Bury - Please see Scheduled Dates below for more information

Course Aims

The target audience for this module is: Engineers working on the Openreach network, and Northern Ireland personnel.

Course Content

The questions will reflect the delegates knowledge of aspects of Broadband Boost & SFI2 activities. This module will test the delegate’s ability to use a Hand held tester and laptop to interrogate a hub/router. Verify the delegate meets the requirements of modules G5 and H4. Demonstrate an ability to analyse tester screen shot results.


G7 - Broadband Boost & SFI2


1 Day


G5, H4, the delegates must be SFI2 and Broadband Boost trained.



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Scheduled Dates

This course is currently run on demand. Please contact us for further detail