PQMS Vendor Specific Telecoms Course

E1 - Dropwire & Overhead Techniques

Course Name

E1 - Dropwire & Overhead Techniques


Questionnaire and live or simulated practical

Training Locations

Bedworth, Bury - Please see Scheduled Dates below for more information

Course Aims

The target audience for this module is: Openreach engineers working on the network, Openreach-Contractors and Northern Ireland personnel.

Course Content

Dropwire erection and renewal techniques for ‘singleton working’ including dropwire heights, DW and UG cable Terminations on Box Conn, BC20 Cobinet and BT 41 and an observation exercise based around the quality standards. The delegate will Renew a Dropwire - Normal road crossing. The delegate will Provide a new Dropwire - Normal road crossing. The delegate will terminate the full range of current approved dropwires on to Box Conn ‘Modules’ (PSI & Quante & Cobinet) and a BT 41 type. Also terminating U/G cable on to both types of Box Conn ‘Modules’ (ECM1A & ECM1B)


E1 - Dropwire & Overhead Techniques


2 Day




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Scheduled Dates

Location Next Running
Birmingham 28/10/2021
Bedworth 04/11/2021
Bury 11/11/2021
Birmingham 25/11/2021
Bedworth 02/12/2021
Bury 09/12/2021
Birmingham 23/12/2021