PQMS Vendor Specific Telecoms Course

A14 - Pole Erection Unit & Vehicle Safety

Course Name

A14 - Pole Erection Unit & Vehicle Safety


This module consists of a practical assessment.

Training Locations

Bedworth, Bury - Please see Scheduled Dates below for more information

Course Aims

The module target audience, are engineers working on the Openreach network including BT Northern Ireland, BT Operate and external suppliers (contractors).

Course Content

This assessment will test the delegate’s knowledge of the safety checks required on poling vehicles and also the safety checking of Platform Elevating Vehicles. Using this module, the assessor should verify the delegate’s awareness and ability to carry out required checks on all types of poling vehicles which he or she may use during their normal work. Before any vehicle is moved the delegate must demonstrate an awareness of, and ability to, carry out the required daily and weekly checks on Poling vehicles that he/she may be required to work with


A14 - Pole Erection Unit & Vehicle Safety


1 Day


The customer must supply their own PEU vehicle


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Scheduled Dates

This course is currently run an demand. Please contact us for futher detail