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SA001 - Safety Overhead

Course Name

SA001 - Safety Overhead


This course has been developed to ensure that those who work on ladders and wooden poles do so safely following all policies, procedures and safe working practices.

Training Locations

Bedworth, Bury - Please see Scheduled Dates below for more information

Course Aims

This course covers three modules: Overhead Safety, Pole Checking and Joint User Poles. It provides learners with the skills and knowledge of the hazards and potential risks involved in working safely on ladders and wooden poles in a telecommunications environment. It also helps learners’ awareness of compliance with health and safety legislation. The course tests learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding of dangers associated with these works and the safety precautions required while working on ladders and wooden poles. This course ensures that leaners involved in working on Ladders and Poles to be suitably trained and accredited to the National Operational Standard (NOS). This course is aimed at those working on ladders and wooden poles in a telecommunications environment. This course does not cover roof top working.

Course Content

This course is a stand-alone course. Upon completion the learners may wish to undertake other stand-alone qualifications relevant to their industry.


SA001 - Safety Overhead


3 Days


This course is available to anyone over the age of 16. There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification. Centres must ensure potential learners’ suitability for this course and identify any specific needs/ reasonable adjustments that may be required.


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Scheduled Dates

This course is currently run an demand. Please contact us for futher detail