PQMS Gas Course

CCN 1: Core Gas Safety & 4 Appliances + CPA1 Reassessment

Course Name

CCN 1: Core Gas Safety & 4 Appliances + CPA1 Reassessment


The ACS CCN1 core gas Re-assessment is for individuals who need to extend their Gas Safe Registration and Certification for a further 5 years.

Existing engineers who's existing certificates have expired more than 12 months ago, will have to re-take the Initial ACS Assessment.

Training Locations

Bedworth, Bury - Please see Scheduled Dates below for more information

Course Aims

Following successful assessment candidates Gas Safe Registration will be extended for a further five years.

Course Content

Our Experienced Gas engineers assess both your practical skills and theory knowledge. You can undertake re-assessment in the following:

• CCN 1/CPA1: Core Gas Safety
• CENWAT 1: Central Heating Boilers
• CKR 1: Domestic Cookers
• HTR 1: Gas Fires and Wall Heaters
• MET 1: Meters


BPEC CCN 1: Core Gas Safety inc 4 Appliances + CPA1 Initial Assessment.


4 Days


CCN 1: CPA1 Core Gas Safety



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Scheduled Dates

This course is currently run an demand. Please contact us for futher detail