SHEA Power / Water / Gas Courses

Our Health and Saftey courses enable the trainee to become proficient in relevant industry specific requirements. Employers can be assured that their delegates fully understand the course content and are able to become productive as soon as the course requirements have been met.

Course Name Duration Accreditation Next Running Location Cost Certification Cost
EUSR Water Hygiene Half Day EUSR 01/04/2019 Off Site £79.00 £35.00
EUSR SHEA Water I Day EUSR 25/03/2019 Bedworth £124.50 £34.20
EUSR SHEA Power I Day EUSR On Demand As Required £124.50 £34.20
EUSR SHEA Gas I Day EUSR 25/03/2019 Bedworth £124.50 £34.20
EUSR Electro Fusion 2 Days EUSR 27/03/2019 Bedworth £259.50 £34.20
EUSR Butt Fusion Welding 2 Days EUSR 25/03/2019 Bedworth £259.50 £35.00
EUSR Pressure Testing I Day EUSR 22/03/2019 Bury £159.50 £34.20
EUSR Chlorination Procedures 2 Days EUSR 21/03/2019 Bury £259.50 £35.00

All training course prices are exclusive of VAT